Offer tailor made citrus bases FC and Premium Freshly Squeezed Slightly Pasteurized Juice,
conventional and organic.
Strong insight embodies our Blending expertise, elevating the final taste profile.


To become your premium partner for citrus juices sourced from all over the world.


We embrace values of advanced production, quality, innovation and continuous growth.


Develop innovative products and offer alternative solutions.
Investment in Premium Freshly Squeezed Slightly Pasteurized Juice market through innovative companies under our Blends affiliates.
We assembly the virtues of industrial scientists in applied research with the experience of industry experts.

We support companies with the same vision.

Our New Offices, Kent – UK

These principals reflect our choice to relocate in the “heart” of Science.

The Science in the Garden of England, EMR East Malling Research center, UK org, leads the way in the field of research on horticultural crops and plants.