September Newsletter

Juice Summit

Envisioning Juice Industry Future

Being committed to the values of innovation and product safety, as well as transparency and integrity, KSY participates in the creative dialogue of Juice Summit for the 4th consecutive year. Furthermore, acknowledging its importance, KSY is Juice Summit Silver sponsor for the second year in a row. With over 500 people from over 65 countries attending last year, the same number, if not more, is expected at Juice Summit 2016.

On Juice Summit 2015, a wide range of subjects was discussed, from purely scientific (“Insights on Citrus Phylogeny”, “Spectometric Methods for Quality Assurance”) to more socially related (“Social Responsibility in the Juice Supply Chain”).

KSY is active once again on the multiple stakeholders’ dialogue regarding Juice Industry’s updates on New Technologies, Strategies for Sustainable Development, Product Quality, New Product Development Processes and Corporate Social Responsibility issues. KSY always seeks to discover Juice Industry’s new challenges and opportunities that put Juice at the top of healthy lifestyle agenda.

KSY kindly sponsors the closing event of Juice Summit 2016 at Grand Café du Nord (13 October at 18.30).

KSY is always open to share with its clients all information and key developments revealed.