CEO Speech

Dear distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all so much for being here today on this special occasion, it’s an honor for me to present amongst the professionals of our industry.

Some years ago we began a journey with a clear vision: to deliver modern & innovative ready- to-market concepts for bottlers and offer alternative, state of the art solutions in the juice market.

Since then, staying loyal to our values of advanced production, quality, innovation & continuous growth,we achieved to have a strong global presence providing our customers around the globe with excellent and reliable fresh products in a fastest way.

Today marks another milestone in our ongoing journey.I am really honored and proud to stand before you, presenting you JuiceCamp, our new blending station and warehousing facility here in Venlo, in the heart of Europe. Seeking to diminish transportation costs in favor of our clients, Venlohas been thoroughly selectedas a prominent logistic hotspot,for our new blending premises.

Withan available business space of 600m2, 3 loading/unloading docks and available storage area of 600m2, equipped with state of the art aseptic machinery we are ready to satisfy our customers’ specific needs and requirements. Whether your need is fruit juices, concentrates, pure, or tailor – made bases and processing additives we are here to serve you.

Our differentiation relies on our expertise in providing customers with a selected fresh product that is available in chilled aseptic drums. Instead of delivering a massive product we offer a fresh product in a fastest way. Perceived as an unquestioned competitive advantage, aseptic method is a high end processing to maintain the flavor, color and nutritional benefits of fruit juices. Additionally aseptic filling assists to:

  • Easy handling of the final product
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Saving of energy as final aseptic product does not need to be frozen or chilled.

As a reliable partner of yours, KSY continues to support your business outcome with excellent service such as:

  • Transportation
  • QC consultation
  • Storage
  • Aseptic filling service

With the opening of JuiceCamp, KSY yet again demonstrates its strength as customer-centric key market player. We can look into the future and create new prospects for the juice industry and our clients of course. We are here to support you and we give you these tools upon which you can build and promote your products and services.

Thank you for your attention.

About the author: Matthew Kiriazis